How to Safely Drive Near Delivery Trucks and Prevent an Accident

December 3, 2021 Posted In Truck Accidents

With the holidays and increased online shopping, there are more delivery trucks than ever. To avoid accidents, drivers must take extra precautions when sharing the road. 

Avoid Blind Spots

Because of their size, delivery trucks have several blind spots. Avoid driving within 10 feet directly behind the truck or on the sides just behind the cab. The driver will be unable to see you, which can create a dangerous situation if there is an attempt to merge or change lanes.  

Always Use Signals

Turn signals should always be used, but especially around a delivery truck. Using your turn signals will allow the truck driver to see your intentions and adjust accordingly, so you can make your move safely and avoid a collision.

Pass Safely

Before passing, make sure you can see the driver in the mirror.  Signal properly and pass on the left if you can while maintaining your speed. It is easier for the driver to see you on the delivery truck’s left side. Ensure the truck is visible in your rearview mirror before you pull in front and give it extra space.

Give Extra Space

Always provide plenty of space while driving next to a delivery truck. Traveling a safe distance away ensures you have time to brake and react to situations around you. In addition, cutting in front of a truck is especially dangerous because of the longer stopping time that large vehicles need.

Be Patient

Delivery trucks require extra room for turning, so be patient. Never try to squeeze by or get between the vehicle and the curb. Leave earlier than planned to reach your destination to ensure you don’t feel rushed. Driving carelessly can increase the chances of skidding or affect your ability to stop in time to avoid an accident.

Avoid Distractions

If a distraction takes your focus off the road, you can quickly lose control of your vehicle. Stay focused and aware of where a delivery truck is on the roadway. Common distractions to avoid include: 

  • Texting
  • Making phone calls
  • Having conversations with passengers in your vehicle
  • Eating
  • Using a GPS or electronic devices
  • Adjusting the radio or your vehicle’s features
  • Reaching for an item in the backseat 

Adjust Your Headlights

Keep in mind that your headlights can blind a delivery truck driver since they will reflect off the truck’s large mirrors. Lower your vehicle’s high beams anytime you see an oncoming truck or other vehicle approaching you on the road. If the bright light impairs the truck driver’s visibility, it may affect their ability to operate the vehicle safely. 

Wear Your Seatbelt

In California, all vehicle occupants over the age of eight are required by law to wear a safety belt, and passengers under eight years of age must be restrained in a car seat or booster seat in the backseat of a vehicle. In the event of a delivery truck accident, one of the most effective measures you can take to reduce the risk of an injury or death is to wear a seatbelt. If you need additional assistance, a Riverside Delivery Truck Accident Attorney at Hanson & Mouri is offering free consultations.

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