Motorcycle Safety Courses California Riders Should Consider

October 6, 2023 Posted In Motorcycle Accidents

With its diverse landscapes and year-round riding weather, California is a haven for motorcyclists. However, riding also comes with its fair share of risks as accidents are on the rise. One of the best ways to enhance your skills and stay safe is by enrolling in a reputable motorcycle safety course. Here are some courses in California that riders should consider:

California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The CMSP BRC is a comprehensive program designed for both novice and experienced riders. It covers fundamental skills such as braking, turning, and emergency maneuvers. Additionally, it provides invaluable insights into safe riding practices and situational awareness.

important motorcycle safety courses in california

Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

For riders looking to hone their skills even further, the CMSP offers the Advanced Rider Course. This program is tailored to experienced riders and focuses on advanced riding techniques, including cornering, swerving, and emergency braking.

Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (Total ARC)

Total Control is a nationally recognized motorcycle training organization, and its Advanced Riding Clinic is an excellent option for riders seeking to refine their riding abilities. The course delves deep into advanced maneuvers and strategies for navigating challenging road conditions.

Cornering School Day 1 and Day 2

This specialized course, offered by Superbike-Coach, focuses specifically on cornering techniques. It covers everything from body positioning to throttle control, providing riders with the skills to tackle twists and turns with confidence.

Police Motorcycle Training Course

While this course is designed for law enforcement officers, it is open to civilians as well. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from highly skilled instructors who have extensive experience in high-speed maneuvering and control.

Dirt First – Adventure Bike Training

For riders interested in adventure or off-road biking, Dirt First provides comprehensive training in handling larger adventure bikes on various terrains. This course is invaluable for those looking to explore less-traveled paths.

Private Instruction and Coaching

Many training centers and instructors offer private lessons, which can be tailored to the individual needs and skill level of the rider. This personalized approach can be highly effective in addressing specific areas of improvement.

Completing a motorcycle safety course not only equips you with essential skills but can also lead to insurance discounts and, in some cases, the waiver of the DMV skills test. Investing in education and training is an investment in your safety and the safety of others on the road.

General Safety Tips

Here are some general safety tips for motorcyclists:

  • Wear Appropriate Gear: Wear a DOT-approved helmet, protective clothing like gloves, a jacket, pants, and sturdy boots to minimize injury in case of an accident.
  • Visibility is Key: Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially at night. Use your motorcycle’s headlights, and consider adding extra lights or reflective strips to your bike.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep your motorcycle in good working condition. Check the tires, brakes, lights, and other vital components before each ride.
  • Defensive Riding: Always assume that other drivers may not see you.
  • Avoid Riding in Bad Weather: Rain, fog, and snow can significantly reduce visibility and traction.
  • Stay Alert and Focused: Avoid distractions like texting or using your phone while riding.

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