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Riverside construction accident attorney

Construction accidents are among the most dangerous when it comes to the number of catastrophic injuries and deaths. The emotional, physical and financial fallout from these accidents often affect victims and their families for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, we can help. Call Hanson & Mouri today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Hanson & Mouri, our Riverside personal injury attorneys have over 20 years of legal experience representing clients in all matters of personal injury law, including construction accidents.
  • Our lead attorney is a former insurance defense attorney. He is able to utilize his exceptional level of knowledge of the inside workings of insurance companies to your advantage.
  • You will be provided personal attention from start to finish. First, you will meet with our experienced Riverside construction accident attorneys, not an assistant or a paralegal. As your case progresses, we will keep in close communication with you and will personally return all of your phone calls.
  • If a case cannot be settled outside of court, we are experienced litigators that are prepared to go to trial in order to obtain the maximum compensation for our clients.
  • To ensure that our services are available to all, we establish a contingency fee with our clients. This means that you will not have to pay any legal fees unless compensation is secured on your behalf.

Fatal Construction Site Accidents

OSHA has identified the 4 leading causes of wrongful deaths in the construction industry. Out of a total of 4,674 worker fatalities in private industry in a recent year, 20.7% (971) were the result of construction accidents. This means that effectively 1 in 5 worker deaths that year were in construction, making it the leading cause of worker deaths in the private sector.

The Fatal Four of the Construction Industry

There are four types of construction accidents which were responsible for more than half of construction worker deaths in 2017. Eliminating the following types of accidents would save almost 600 lives a year in the U.S.

  • Falls: 381 out of 971 deaths in 2017 (39.2%)
  • Struck by an object: 80 death in 2017 (8.2%)
  • Electrocutions: 71 death in 2017 (7.3%)
  • Caught in/ between: (this category includes those caught in, struck by, or crushed by equipment, material or a collapsed structure) 50 deaths in 2017 (5.1%)

Who is Liable for my Injuries?

Workers compensation is designed to assist workers that have been injured, need medical treatment, and are unable to perform their work duties. In many instances, however, these benefits are not substantial enough to cover your losses. At Hanson & Mouri, our experienced Riverside premise liability attorneys will immediately determine if your case involves a third-party liability. If a third party is found to be liable, additional damages can be pursued through an injury claim or lawsuit. In many cases this can be a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, or any individual or business whose negligence contributed to your injuries.

Why Hire a Riverside Construction Accident Lawyer?

Amidst all of the confusion and hardship that can arise after suffering a construction accident injury, you may be wondering whether or not to hire a workers compensation lawyer to handle your case and help you deal with any involved insurance company. Having an experienced Riverside personal injury attorney at your side can improve your chances of recovering workers compensation and other losses in addition to reducing or eliminating the paperwork and hassle that you and your family must deal with during this trying time. The settlement that may be offered to you by insurance companies is likely not in your best interests. You may face serious financial losses and a decrease in the quality of life if you accept an offer that does not reflect the true extent of your damages.

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If you are currently coping with a construction accident injury caused by negligence in the workplace, do not delay in speaking with experienced legal counsel from our law firm to find out about your legal options. Contact Hanson & Mouri today for a free case evaluation.

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