What To Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

November 30, 2022 Posted In Personal Injury

What you do immediately after a slip and fall injury can significantly impact your ability to recover compensation. Here are the steps to take.

Call 911

Your health and safety are the priority, so call 911 if you need emergency medical care. Try not to move if you are in pain unless you must do so for safety reasons. If you do not think you need to be transported to the hospital, remain at the scene to collect evidence. Police are rarely involved in slip and falls, but you can file a police report about the incident at a later time if you believe the situation calls for it. 

Collect Evidence

If you can remain at the location where you fell, stay and take photos and/or videos of the area. Try to capture the following:

  • The location where the slip and fall occurred.
  • The hazard that caused your fall.
  • The surrounding area, including any nearby signs, debris, walkway conditions, etc. 
  • Your injuries. 
  • A picture from far away that shows the entire scene.

This type of documentation can be critical evidence of fault and help prove the severity of your injuries.

Speak to Witnesses

If anyone nearby witnessed your fall, ask if they can record a statement on your phone of what they saw. Also, ask for their name and contact information because you and your attorney may need to talk to them again in the future. If they refuse a recorded statement, ask if they would be willing to  write down what they saw. 

Report the Fall

Notify the property owner or manager of your slip and fall. Tell them what generally happened, but refrain from discussing fault or the severity of your injuries. Anything you say can be used against you later to reduce or deny your compensation. Ask for an accident report to be made and for a copy. This step is often critical to proving fault and a link between your slip and fall and any injuries you suffered. When writing down how the fall occurred, stick to the exact facts. Additionally, politely refuse if they ask you to sign any forms. The owner or manager may want you to sign a release of liability form that prevents you from pursuing a claim for compensation against them. 

Seek Medical Care

See a doctor as soon as you leave the scene, even if you don’t feel hurt. It is possible for severe injuries to have delayed symptoms. As a result, the sooner you start treatment, the better your chances of recovering. There must also be medical documentation to link your injuries to the slip and fall. Without it, the property owner can argue that your injuries did not occur on their property or are not severe, as you state.  

Speak To an Attorney

Arrange a free consultation with a Riverside Slip and Fall Lawyer as soon as possible. They can advise you on your legal options and the best course of action. Once you agree to retain their services, they will begin investigating, determine who is responsible, and preserve evidence to support your case. Pursuing a slip and fall claim can be challenging on your own. Your attorney will handle every aspect, including all communication with the property owner or manager and their insurance company to negotiate the fair compensation you deserve. 

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