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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are 4 times more likely than other motorists to be seriously injured or killed in a traffic related accident. Without the protection of being inside of a vehicle, motorcyclists are at increased risk for serious or even fatal injuries when involved in a crash. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a collision while riding any type of bike, you may have questions about how to pay for your medical bills and what to do about your pain and suffering.

Our Inland Empire Law Offices specialize in motorcycle accident cases and can help you and your family get the monetary compensation you deserve. Our firm can represent you no matter what you ride; Harley-Davidson, chopper, cruiser, mini bike, moped, street bike, sport bike, racing bike, or even a motor-cross bike. Most accidents involving motorcyclists result when another driver violates the motorcycle riderʼs right-of-way. This occurs when another vehicle pulls out in front of, or turns in front of a motorcyclist. When you are injured in this type of accident you are entitled to recover monetary damages to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain an suffering. When another driverʼs careless and irresponsible behavior causes you or a loved one to be involved in an accident you need an experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer to explain your rights.

The injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident can severely limit you and your familyʼs ability to lead a normal life.

Injuries may include:

  • Spinal cord injuries resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Head trauma including severe traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation of a limb and permanent disfigurement
  • Permanent disfigurement and disability

Mental anguish Motorcycle riders involved in an accident may also experience lesser injuries such as whiplash, back and neck pain, severe bruising, lacerations, and scarring.

Injuries resulting from an accident may require extensive rehabilitation and medical treatment. Serious injuries may leave you unable to work and pay your bills, leading to the foreclosure of your home, bankruptcy, and damage to your credit. You need the experience of a Riverside/San Bernardino motorcycle injury lawyer to get you the monetary compensation you deserve.

Our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer has 14 years of experience and will provide you with passionate, quality legal representation. Any bike accident, even a minor collision can lead to injuries that have long lasting effects and cause irreparable pain and suffering. Whether you were the rider, or a family member, if you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to monetary damages. Let an experienced Inland Empire motorcycle injury attorney work for you.

Contact our law firm now, there is no charge for your consultation and we will listen to your case. We will keep you informed of significant developments and provide legal services promptly and professionally. You and your loved ones deserve to have your rights protected by a professional. Hanson & Mouri Personal Injury Attorneys can work to make your family whole again.

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