What to Do Following a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident In California

February 1, 2021 Posted In Uncategorized

A motorcycle accident can be a very traumatic and stressful event in your life. A lot is happening and running through your mind, especially if you are seriously injured and the responsible driver took off. It can often be hard to assess what to do in a hit and run accident. However, you need to be sure to follow some of these necessary steps to protect yourself after a hit and run motorcycle accident in California. 

Call the Police

The police should be called right away any time there is a hit and run motorcycle accident. They will begin an investigation and utilize their resources to try to locate the driver as quickly as possible, so they can be held accountable. It is a crime to knowingly leave the scene of an accident in California, without exchanging information with the other party. There are many reasons people drive away from the scene of a motorcycle accident. They may not have car insurance, a valid driver’s license, or they may have been drinking and driving and are scared of the consequences. 

Even if the police fail to unravel the identity of the other motorist involved, their arrival at the scene will help with uncovering other evidence that you could have missed or were unable to collect.

Take Pictures 

Unless urgent medical attention is needed, don’t be in a hurry to leave the scene of a hit and run accident. Stay and capture vital photographs of as many details about the accident as you can, and the resulting injuries to have as evidence of what occurred. Write down any information you can about the other vehicle. All of this will help prove a case when it comes to fighting for compensation.

Speak to Witnesses

If there happens to be anyone nearby at the time of the crash, who can verify what happened, get their contact information. Ask if you can record or write down their account of the events while it’s still fresh in their mind. 

Seek Medical Attention

No matter how severe, a motorcyclist who is suffering from injuries should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your health and safety are the number one priorities, even if the injuries don’t seem to be life-threatening. Getting checked out and having a doctor document your injuries can help substantiate an injury claim at a later date.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

When speaking to your insurer, report only the facts and details of the hit and run accident. Be careful not to accept or admit any responsibility. Insurance adjusters may seem nice, but they are not your friends, and will be looking for any way to reduce or avoid payment on your claim. 

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Finally, it’s imperative to contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Riverside, who is familiar with hit and run cases. Dealing with insurance companies to get the compensation you need, whether the hit and run driver is found or not, can be very stressful and complex. A San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyer can take on that burden for you and will work hard to ensure you are treated fairly. 

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