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Amputation Injuries are unique in that the injury will impact the victim’s life forever. The ramifications of an amputation injury are far-reaching, often requiring a lifetime of medical care. Amputation cases must be addressed with great legal skill to ensure that full compensation is recovered. If you or a loved one has suffered the loss of a limb due to an act of negligence, please speak with our experienced Riverside personal injury from Hanson & Mouri at once.

Why Choose Us

A loss of a hand, foot, arm, leg, or finger will require the assistance of an experienced traumatic injury attorney. We work with medical experts to determine full cost of life-long medical care for the injury victim including loss of work, therapy, prosthetics and other devices that aid in mobility.

  • Our attorney have over 20 years of combined experience practicing personal injury law.
  • Our lead attorney has over a decade of experience as an insurance defense attorney. He brings this background and knowledge to his clients’ cases in order to obtain maximum compensation.
  • We will comprehensively review your case and prepare it for trial even if it is settled outside of court. We are seasoned litigators and have never lost a litigated case.
  • We provide our clients with attentive care because we understand how difficult it can be to deal with a traumatic injury. You will meet personally with an experienced attorney that will answer any questions you may have regarding your case.
  • You will not be required to pay any legal fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

Why You Need a Riverside Amputation Attorney

Traumatic amputation or the loss of a limb due to an Riverside car accident or injury will lead to lifelong physical, emotional and financial distress. Our experienced personal injury attorney can review all of the costs associated with the injury, and the estimated future medical costs. Non-economic damages must also be pursued. These damages include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and emotional anguish. Having an experienced injury attorney at your side to stand up to insurance companies and hold the negligent parties accountable is invaluable during this difficult time.

Causes of Amputation Injury

30,000 traumatic amputations occur annually in the United States. They can involve the arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet, ears and toes. The most common sources of amputation injury are as follows:

  • Traffic accidents (including pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents.
  • Construction and factory accidents
  • Electrocution accidents
  • Agricultural accidents
  • Firearm accidents (including explosives)
  • Power tool accidents
  • Building and car door accidents

Amputation Statistics

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the most common sites of traumatic amputation include:

  • Above elbow (10.6%)
  • Below elbow (19.2%)
  • Above knee (17%)
  • Below Knee (53.2%)

In children, the most common cause of traumatic amputation was motor vehicle accidents at 42.9 percent. Industrial accidents were the cause of 26.2 percent of amputations in children and motorcycle accidents caused 9.5 percent.

The most common site of traumatic amputation in children was:

  • Above elbow (10.6%)
  • Below elbow (19.2%)
  • Above knee (17%)
  • Below knee (53.2%)

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If you have suffered an amputation injury as the result of an accident or the negligence of another, Hanson & Mouri are here for you. Our Riverside personal injury attorney are committed to the clients that we represent, and we will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. We also will take on your claim if you have a personal injury case in San Bernardino. Call us today.

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