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The state of California Division of Boating and Waterways reported that in a recent year, 322 boating accidents occurred in Southern California. These accidents resulted in 116 people injured, and 14 deaths. If you have recently been injured in a boating accident, contact Hanson & Mouri today. Our experienced personal injury attorney can comprehensively review your case and help you to determine the best course of action, legally.

Why hire an attorney after a boat accident?

Much like car accidents in Riverside, boating accidents require that certain steps be taken to protect your rights. Insurance companies will act as if they are working in your best interests, however, their first and foremost aim is to keep their own costs down, no matter what they tell you. You may not realize the full scope of the compensatory damages that you are entitled to and accepting a settlement without legal representation may be a financial disaster from which you will never recover.

Due to the fact that you are under stress after the accident, the insurance company will often try to settle with you very quickly, knowing that you are more likely to accept a settlement offer when under financial and personal stress. Hiring our experienced personal injury attorney after a boating accident will greatly improve your chances of recovering full and fair compensation.

Why choose us?

  • Our lead attorney acted as an insurance defense attorney for years. This gives him a deep understanding of how insurance companies work and an advantage when it comes to seeking financial damages for our clients.
  • At Hanson & Mouri, our legal team has a combined experience of over 20 years representing clients in all matters of personal injury, including boating accidents.
  • You will be provided with personal attention from an experienced injury lawyer, not a paralegal, from the moment your case is taken on until the completion of your case.
  • We are seasoned litigators that are ready and prepared to take your case to trial in order to obtain the maximum compensation if it cannot be settled outside of court.
  • We have established a contingency fee with our clients. This means that you will not have to pay any legal fees unless compensation is secured on your behalf.

Boat accident statistics

The California Department of Boating and Waterways reports on boating accident, injuries, and wrongful deaths. Types of boating accidents in order of incidence are as follows:

  • Collison with vessel
  • Flooding/ swamping
  • Grounding
  • Sinking
  • Skier mishap
  • Capsizing
  • Falls overboard
  • Ejected from a vessel
  • Collision with a fixed object
  • Fire/ Explosion (other than fuel)
  • Struck by motor/propellant
  • Other
  • Struck by submerged object
  • Struck by boat
  • Fall in boat
  • Fire/ explosion (fuel)
  • Unknown
  • Collision with floating object

Personal Watercraft Accidents in Riverside

Wave runners and jet skis are popular ways to enjoy the water. These watercraft are affordable and compact in size, adding to their popularity. Although personal watercraft can be safer for swimmers and wildlife, their steering capacity is limited due to the absence of a rudder. This makes emergency maneuvering difficult. 63 percent of personal watercraft accidents involved a collision with a vessel, while 15 percent involved ejection from a vessel.

Contact a Riverside Boat Accident Attorney Today

An experienced Riverside personal injury attorney at the Inland Empire law firm of Hanson & Mouri will be able to help you determine what strategies to apply to your boating accident case when reaching a settlement with insurance companies. Boating laws are complex, and our Riverside county attorney are experienced in the legal processes of recovering fair compensation for boating accidents and other injury cases in Riverside. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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